Riddim Dance by AronMITU

AronMITU is a dancer and dance teacher who started dancing in elementary school. She attanded many dance competitions, won prizes at international competitions, and sat as a judge at many dance competitions for children and youth. She advanced her dance career to a higher level when she became the main choreographer for a singer from the USA, at these performances the best dancers were selected, who completed personal dance training at a dance school run by AronMITU for many years in Košice. Despite her great successes, AronMITU has not stopped studying dance, she is constantly traveling the world for education. 

She has been working in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia for more than 10 years, where she had the opportunity to work with the best dance schools and projects. She expanded her activities with acting, music, fitness... That's why she became a well-known person in the culture and entertainment industry. She herself says that her biggest passion is Jamaica, which she has been studying from young age, when she listened to Bob Marley's famous songs in her birthplace - Ethiopia. 

AronMITU grew up in Slovakia from the age of 10. She conducts dance lessons in Slovak and in English. First visit to her beloved Jamaica took place in 2015, when AronMITU traveled alone as the only representative of Slovakia and her native Ethiopia to the first ever dance camp organized by Jamaica for the world of Dancehall in the capital of Kingston. 

For most, the international project Riddim Dance is well-known, appeared for the first time in 2014, when it got its final form, the logo expresses everything that AronMITU is as a performer. 

The youngest project under AronMITU is the first dance school in Slovakia, which leads and educates the general public in the style of Dancehall / School of Dancehall. It operates both face-to-face and online. It provides regular lessons, courses and workshops for the whole country of Slovakia.